Learning Center – ACA Compliance

Welcome to our learning center on ACA Compliance.

Whether you call it the ACA, PPACA, Obamacare, Health Care Reform, or the Affordable Care Act, one thing we can all agree on is that there are a lot of resources out there, and it’s still really tough to understand what’s what.

This law, the laws it impacted, and the government regulations surrounding it, are too much to explain all in one go.  But we’ve tried to at least keep it all in one place.


Our “Give me the basics” page is meant to orient the reader to the purpose and go
als of the ACA, and the strategies its authors used to try to get there.  This is a good section for someone who wants to get the “gist” of the ACA before diving into the nuts and bolts.

Affordable Care Act Summary

Our “Employer basics” section walks you through:

  1. How big a business has to be to be subject to the employer mandate.
  2. How to count full time employees, and “full-time employee equivalents”
  3. How to combine those figures to decide if your business is subject to the employer mandate

The Employer basics page is good for business owners, managers, and HR professionals who are facing the ACA for the first time.

ACA Employer Compliance Basics

Our “Employer Compliance Breakdown” section covers the details (there are a lot of details!) of everything that goes into complying with the rules and regulations of the ACA.  This section is good for business owners, HR professionals, and managers in businesses that are Applicable Large Employers, or will be an ALE within the next couple of years.

It walks you through:

  • Who are employers required to offer coverage to?
  • When do employers have to offer coverage?
  • How are employers supposed to treat leaves of absence and re-hires?
  • How are employers supposed to know if the coverage is “affordable”?
  • If an employer fails to offer affordable coverage to its full-time employees, what is the ACA Penalty?

Employer Compliance Part 2

Counting Hours of Service:  Information critical to counting hours of service can be found in our special section on how employers are supposed to “count” hours of service.


Seasonal Workers:  Information about how employers are supposed to treat seasonal workers (and the ACA’s definition of seasonal workers) can be found in our special section on seasonal workers.