Best Insurance Brokerage in San Diego!

Everyone at Barkley & Barkley is grateful to our clients and fans for voting us “Best Insurance Brokerage” in the San Diego Union-Tribune’s “San Diego’s Best” Readers Poll.  Thank you for all of your support!

We are honored to not only be the winner of the Union-Tribune poll, but also to be the first Group Health and Employee Benefits Brokerage ever to win the San Diego’s Best Award!

The Union-Tribune published the following article about us:

Barkley & Barkley Insurance Brokerage is a health insurance and employee benefits brokerage headquartered in San Diego. Sarah Barkley, the brokerage’s founder, told us, “Over 50 years ago my dear old Irish dad moved to San Diego with his wife and two young children from New York, without a job or even a prospect. He took a chance and opened an insurance office across from the DMV in Chula Vista. It still stands there today.”

Barkley & Barkley was conceived in a “lightbulb” moment when Sarah realized that she could combine her experience in insurance with her husband’s specialty in ACA compliance. Sarah’s husband, John, an ACA Attorney, had spent the past few years working with companies on navigating Healthcare Reform. “We realized that we could offer concierge-level insurance service with hands-on legal compliance included. Even the largest brokerage houses cannot offer the level of service our clients have come to expect. We love our clients and are so honored to be voted the best in San Diego.”

Sarah said she is extremely proud of the final product. “Many small businesses have been overwhelmed by the new Healthcare Law, and even more overwhelmed by the pricetag on these compliance services. We want to help these businesses grow without fear of compliance. Our clients get their own designated attorney to navigate the ACA at no cost. We pay all of the legal fees for our clients’ compliance services. We also include full use of our online enrollment system, HR management portal, and online training. Many software providers offer ACA compliance, but they come with no guarantee. It’s the difference between giving someone a compass and map then sending them sailing into stormy waters, versus actually providing an expert crew for your ship.” Barkley & Barkley: Insurance and ACA Compliance Simplified.

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Thank you San Diego!